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Tuesdays and Fridays – The Sorrowful Mysteries

When praying the Rosary, you would meditate on the Sorrowful Mysteries on Tuesdays and Fridays.

The 5 Sorrowful Mysteries are:

The agony of Jesus in the garden - In the garden of Gethsemani, Jesus prayed to his father to be forgiven for his sins. The focus of your meditation for this decade is asking the Lord’s forgiveness.

Jesus is Scourged at the Pillar – the mortification of the flesh of Jesus Christ. Blood spilt for the sins of man.

Jesus is Crowned with Thorns - When soldiers mocked Jesus as the “king of Jews” and put upon his head a crown of thorns. This meditation should be to ask the gift of patience to accept life’s perils and humiliations. To understand how Jesus suffered for our sins.

The Carrying of the Cross - Pray for help in carrying your burden as Jesus carried his cross.

The Crucifixion and Death - Jesus spoke to his mother from the cross. Ruminate on The Virgin and trust in her as Jesus did.

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